Nerida & Francois


Dear Sari

We are still amazed by the work of you and your entire team, you all did such an amazing job in delivering a really authentic and spiritual experience that will stay forever one of our fondest memories. The wedding was not only beautiful in itself with all the guidance from yourself and your incredible staff, the musicians and their beautiful music, the tasty abundance of offerings, the photographer and camera man for capturing the moments so well, the Hindu priest and his Sanskrit prayers, the lovely flower girls that deserve a special “THANK YOU” for taking the day off just for us, not to forget the wonderful traditional dress we got to wear.

But what stood out most were the extremely great organizational and time management skills the team from Bali Memorable proved throughout the entire time, starting with the first email, prompt replies to our questions through until the finalization of our unforgettable wedding.

By now we have shown the video of our Balinese wedding to our family and friends. They love it just as much as we did love our experience.
We had a fabulous day and have already highly recommended you to several people who have told us about their wedding plans and asked about our experience in Bali.

We can’t thank you enough for having made this day so incredibly memorable.
Wishing you all the best in life,

Nerida & Francois