Bali Wedding Catering

Dinner reception will be completed your wedding celebration, it can start from the small and simple one as the following option:

Finger Food Only/Canape:
The option are variance between cold and hot dishes can be combine and free to pick up the number of pieces as need.

Buffet Style Dinner:
This style is suite for bigger number of attendant, a lot of food option will provided for each buffet option, its good for guests who need to experience many kind of different foods, guest can choose what they like. The buffet options are: International buffet, Indonesian buffet, Mix buffet, Balinese Buffet, BBQ life buffet and many others depend on your preference. It will be flexible to combine some different foods to be one selected option.

Set Menu Dinner:
This style is the most prestigious one as all the foods serve in highly quality manner with personally touch. The option start from 3 set menu until 6 set menu. It will provide some option of foods to choose and just be ready to pick up the food you like us to serve to your guest .

Family Style Dinner/ Ristaffel :
This style is suit for family dinner who have same tradition and have the same food taste as all menu can be share with others.

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